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Spontaneous Combustion

S’inspirer d'un lieu, entrer en résonance avec le public et

créer une musique, des paroles et des rythmes qui donnent des ailes…
Katt Tait: vocals
Alexandre Cellier: piano, flutes, recycling
Jean-Christophe Piccard: drums & wine

Spontaneous Combustion™ is improvisational music project which invites musicians and audiences to experience the creation of original music, live. It's an improvisational music experience where anything is possible. Katt elevates vibrations with her distinctive sound & colorful presence. She enriches all her work with jazz, blurring boundaries and jumping genres; embracing soul, pop, blues, country, spirituals, and folk. Like Nina Simone & Annie Lennox, Katt gives a song personality...soul.   


Daley 2001 on a Rainy Day - Spontaneous Combustion
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OM - Spontaneous Combustion
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